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    Benefits Of Root Canal Mexico

    Root canals are pivotal in preserving natural teeth, alleviating pain, and restoring oral health. Here are the key benefits we’ll highlight:

    Pain Relief:

    Addressing the underlying infection and inflammation, root canals alleviate the intense discomfort associated with tooth infections, enabling patients to regain comfort and functionality.

    Preservation Of Natural Teeth:

    Root canals enable the retention of natural teeth by removing infected pulp, preventing the need for extraction and maintaining the integrity of your smile.


    Compared to tooth extraction followed by replacement options, root canals are a cost-effective solution for preserving teeth and avoiding more extensive dental procedures.


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    In the realm of root canal specialists, XDentistry stands as an epitome of excellence and proficiency. Our team is highly qualified and experienced, who bring a deep commitment to providing personalized care to every patient.

    At XDentistry, our bilingual staff ensures clear communication and a comfortable experience for every patient, regardless of language preference.

    We take immense pride in our dedication to personalized attention, ensuring that each individual receives tailored care, addressing specific needs and concerns. Experience the assurance of being in capable hands, to redefine the root canal experience at XDentistry.


    How much is a root canal in Mexico?

    Root Canal Retreatment

    $350 USD US Prices Up To: $700 USD (per Implant)

    Post & Core Build Up

    $150 USD US Prices Up To: $400 USD (per Implant)

    When Do You Need
    A Root Canal?

    Recognizing signs and symptoms is crucial as they often signal the need for prompt intervention through a root canal procedure. Early detection and timely treatment can preserve the tooth and prevent the infection from spreading further.

    Persistent Tooth Pain:

    Unrelenting tooth pain, especially when chewing or applying pressure, could signify an infected or damaged pulp, necessitating a root canal.

    Sensitivity to Temperature:

    Heightened sensitivity to hot or cold substances, even after the stimuli is removed, might indicate an underlying issue requiring root canal therapy.

    Darkening or Discoloration:

    Discoloration of the tooth, especially when it becomes noticeably darker, can indicate an infection that may require root canal treatment.


    Some Reviews About Mexico Root Canal Cost

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    Price Of Root Canal And Crown In Mexico

    The crown serves as a protective covering for the treated tooth, preventing fractures and maintaining its structural integrity. Additionally, it restores the tooth’s appearance and functionality, allowing for normal chewing and speaking, completing the root canal treatment process.


    How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

    At X dentistry Tijuana we treat dental cavities following four simple steps that will be explained as it follows:

    1. Evaluation Visit

    A specialist will evaluate your dental status in order to recommend the ideal type of cleaning for you. Depending on your oral hygiene habits, you could be a candidate for a standard procedure or require a more in-depth treatment.

    2. Teeth Cleaning

    The endodontist fills your dental root canal with a biocompatible material and seals it to prevent future infections. In case that you require a metallic post for your dental crown, it is placed during this step.

    3. Results & recommendations

    To maintain impeccable oral hygiene, it is recommended to have your teeth cleaned at least twice a year. This way you can avoid plaque or tartar buildup and receive specific indications from the specialists according to your needs.


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      State-Of-The-Art Technology For
      Root Canal In Tijuana

      By incorporating advanced technologies, XDentistry ensures that root canal treatments are not only efficient but also highly precise, tailored to each patient’s unique dental needs. This commitment to cutting-edge advancements guarantees optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

      CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing):

      Allowing for the precise design and creation of dental restorations, including crowns post-root canal. This technology ensures a custom fit and optimal functionality for restored teeth.

      3D CBCT for Teeth Scanning:

      Providing detailed 3D images of the teeth and surrounding structures. This aids in diagnosing complex root canal cases by offering a comprehensive view, enabling precise treatment planning.


      Root Canal in Tijuana FAQs

      What to eat after root canal?

      You will require a soft/bland diet and to avoid foods that may stick to your teeth or too hard to chew because they may cause damage to your restorations. Also, try to avoid too hoot or too cold drinks and food.

      Why are root canals cheaper in Mexico?

      Yes, root canals in Mexico, particularly in Tijuana, can be more affordable compared to many places in the United States or other countries. The cost of a root canal in Tijuana is generally lower, making it a cost-effective option for those seeking dental treatments.

      Where do I find the best dentist in tijuana for braces?

      To find the best dentist in Tijuana for braces, consider searching online for reviews and testimonials from previous patients to ensure the quality of service. Keywords like “dentist in Tijuana for braces” or “orthodontist Tijuana” can help narrow down your search.

      How much are crowns in Tijuana Mexico?

      To get accurate pricing information, it is recommended to contact specific dental clinics in Tijuana and inquire about “crowns for root canal” or “root canal crown cost.” This will help you obtain detailed and personalized cost estimates for the specific dental procedure you are considering.


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