Dental Reviews
in Tijuana

Here you will find the testimonies and reviews of some patients. As well before and after
cases from our patients here in Tijuana.


Cosmetic Dentistry Reviews Tijuana:

Our state-of-the-art technology and specialized techniques place us as the top dental clinic in today’s market. Do not hesitate to visit us
and see this by yourself. At X Dentistry Tijuana, we want to see you smile again!

A five star review from one
of our patients!

Dentist in Tijuana Reviews - Composite Veneers

She got a new beautiful flawless smile and she can’t wait to
show it off! Make sure you check out our Dental Veneers and
Dental Crowns or browse through other treatments if you want
to get a full smile makeover. We’ll be more than glad to hear
from you, contact us right now!

Get a Hollywood smile at
X Dentistry!


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experiences at X Dentistry Tijuana.

Do you still have some doubts about the quality and efficiency of our treatment?
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Smile Makeover

A smile makeover has the objective of improving your
looks aesthetically and recovering your dental
functionality. The specific treatments involved in this option
may be: teeth whitening, veneers, Invisalign Braces and
dental crowns and more.

Take into consideration that every patient presents a
unique profile, and so, the treatments that are fit for your
case will come out with your free assessment. Contact us
today to schedule your appointment!


''I highly recommend X Dentistry
to anyone that needs
dental work''

Dentist in Tijuana Reviews - Dental Bridge and Fillings

Lauren came to X Dentistry to get her teeth done, including a
bridge and some resin fillings. She had a great experience and
she was really surprised that her treatments didn’t hurt at all!
“They made me feel comfortable with my teeth. I didn’t feel
shame or anything by the fact that I didn’t have any front

Get back your Dental
Functionality for Real!


Watch our patients Before and After Experiences at
X Dentistry Tijuana. In their own Smiles!

Are Tijuana Dentists the best of the best?
Absolutely! Check a few of our patient testimonials.


Mouth reconstruction
in Tijuana

If you are experiencing dental issues or have los teeth, or
have other odontology situations and wish to recover your
structure and functionality, then a mouth reconstruction is
for you! A series of dental treatments will rehabilitate your
capabilities: Dental Implants, Snap-on Dentures,
and all on four are a few.

Your dental health will let us know your specific
requirements for a successful mouth restoration and the
time that this will take. The good news is that you will save
thousands of dollars if you compare it to your local clinic,
up to 70% more affordable!