Invisalign And
Braces In Tijuana

Here you will find all the information you need to have your Invisalign treatments done in Tijuana, including prices, exclusive benefits of X Dentistry, and travel recommendations.


Invisalign Tijuana

Invisalign is a modern, minimally invasive orthodontics
system that gradually corrects the position of your teeth
without requiring the wires, brackets or restrictions of
metal braces. Through the use of clear, removable
personalized aligners, patients maintain the aesthetics of
their smile while aligning their teeth.

X Dentistry features world-class facilities within a medical
complex located about half a mile from the border. This
way, we can offer you specialized treatments with the same
quality as those performed in the United States, but at
convenient, affordable Mexican prices.


Invisalign Benefits
and Advantages:


Traditional metal braces are noticeable
and for some people (especially adults)
can find them embarrassing. Invisalign
braces are almost no noticeable when
used, and you hardly notice that
someone is using them.


Invisalign aligners offer a way
smoother, more comfortable overall
experience than braces. Eating will also
be more enjoyable, and you can
continue to savor all of your favorite


Many people don’t like regular braces
because of the discomfort they produce
while eating. With Invisalign you avoid
this problem because it is fully
removable and you can take it off when
you are going to eat.


Custom created using 3D
technologies, Invisalign aligners
reduce the damage normally caused
by wearing braces, such as gum
disease and cavities.


Invisalign Full Treatment

US Price Up To: $7,000 USD
$4,500 USD *Costs May Vary Depending On The
Patient's Medical Conditions.

How much are Invisalign
in Tijuana?

This innovative alternative to traditional braces consists of
using a series of dental aligners that, almost imperceptibly,
strengthen and correct the position of your teeth. Invisalign
allows you to forget about the wires, metals and
restrictions of regular braces!

Besides, if your treatment requires additional procedures
such as periapical X-Rays, 3D CBCT X-Rays and/or intra-oral
scanning, these will have no additional cost, unlike dentists
in the United States. We can even offer you complimentary
shuttle from the border to our clinic if you need it!


Ready for a Lifetime
of Smile Joy?

Invisalign Treatment Process Step by Step

At X Dentistry we want your experience to be totally pleasant and hassle free. That is why we are at your entire disposal and we will take care of you Before, During and After your dental treatments.

1. Evaluation Visit

A specialist will evaluate your dental status using X-rays, panoramic photos of your mouth, a 3D CBCT scan and other techniques in order to create a custom design for your Invisalign aligners through a specialized software.

2. Invisalign Manufacturing

The manufacturer will carry out the process of creating your dental aligners, shaping the material to fit your teeth perfectly. When the process is finished (after about a month,) they will send us your Invisalign.

3. Final Assesment

The last stage is to periodically evaluate the condition and functionality of your Invisalign. Depending on the extent of teeth correction, you may have to change your aligners more or less frequently until you achieve the desired result. The entire treatment for a perfect smile takes approximately a year.


Clear Aligners

At X Dentistry we designed our own Clear Aligners as an
alternative to Invisalign: offering the same functionality, but
with reduced prices. The manufacturing process is very
similar but is carried out in our own laboratory, which
represents savings of approximately 40%.

In addition, since we create them in our in-house Lab, the
delivery time of our Clear Aligners is much faster. And
every time you need to change them throughout your
treatment, we will send them to your home at no additional
cost. Enjoy an All Inclusive experience in your next
orthodontics treatment without the need of using braces!


Clear Aligners


Regular Brackets Need 12 to 24
Months of Treatment. Clear Aligners
Straighten Teeth in 12 Months


Clear Aligners are not Affixed to Your
Teeth like Braces. They are Slipped on
Over the Teeth for 22 Hours a Day.


Aligners gradually move your teeth into their
correct positions via a series of aligners. Each
aligner tray is worn for about two weeks.


Complete Evaluation At
No Extra Cost

All of our treatments include a free complete evaluation of
your dental status. At X Dentistry you will not pay anything
extra for this assessment, which will save you hundreds or
even thousands of dollars compared to dental clinics in
the United States.

You won’t pay either for 3D CBCT X-rays, periapical X-rays,
intraoral scanning and surgical guides or models if
required. Even transportation and travel assistance are
included if you wish!

Clear Aligner Full Treatment

US Price Up To: $6,000 USD
$2,500 USD *Costs May Vary Depending On The
Patient's Medical Conditions.

Wondering Which Treatment is
Right for You?


Veneers VS

Depending on your dental conditions, you may need to
undergo a veneers treatment before, especially if you have
severely decayed or chipped teeth. This way, we achieve
the teeth evenness required by the specialists to carry out
Invisalign procedures.

At X Dentistry Tijuana we offer you many types of dental veneers,
from traditional composite ones to E-max porcelain veneers and
Lumineers. Our specialists will carefully evaluate your teeth status to
provide you with the most appropriate options according to your


Braces in

Dental braces are devices used in Orthodontics to gradually
align and straighten teeth through a system of brackets,
wires and bands. Overall, braces improve smile appearance
and contribute to increase dental health.

Braces can align irregular, crooked or overcrowded teeth,
but also correct bad bites or malocclusion. Regardless of
their age, most people are candidates for this treatment,
except in very severe cases of tooth decay.


Type of Braces
at X Dentistry:


Is applied to the teeth and the bendable metal
wire that is threaded through the brackets in
order to apply pressure to the teeth.


Made Of Monocrystalline Saphire. A Strong And
Transparent Material. It Gives You
A Whitish Look.


How Much Are Braces In Tijuana?

Ceramic Braces

US Prices Up To: $8,500 USD
$1,500 USD X Dentistry Price

Metal Braces

US Price Up To: $7,500 USD
$1,000 USD X Dentistry Price