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Same Day Dental
Crowns in Tijuana

A dental crown treatment consists of a restoration done
to your damaged or chipped teeth to recover your smile,
bright and shiny. A dental crown is made of resin and/or
ceramic, and they are placed over a previously treated
tooth; if the treatment requires more than a single tooth, it
will require a dental bridge and, usually, dental implants.

This treatment works best on chipped tooth or with
excessive damage. This process is done is a very short
amount of time in difference with other clinics thanks to
our in-house laboratory and technicians.

Crowns or Bridges?
What’s the Best Choice?


    Dental Crowns Before and After

    See to some of our many patients results in
    our clinic, the specialists that treated them and more.


    Types of
    Dental Crowns


    This crowns are used commonly for complex
    dental restaurations. This crowns give strenght
    and durability.


    The most resistant and flexible ceramic material
    available; zirconia offers an incredibly natural
    look and the highest biocompatibility.


    One of the best materials available, It offers an
    elevated strength and aesthetics and it is very
    similar to the natural tooth color.


    Dental Crowns Cost in Tijuana

    Porcelain Fused with Metal Cost

    US Prices Up To: $1,000 USD (per Crown)
    $280 USD *Costs May Vary Depending On The Patient's Medical Conditions.

    Emax Porcelain Crowns Cost

    US Prices Up To: $1,400 USD (per Tooth)
    $450 USD *Costs May Vary Depending On The Patient's Medical Conditions.

    How Long Do Dental
    Crowns Last?

    In average, you can expect a functional lifetime of five to
    ten years from your crowns and as much as fifteen years
    from the zirconia crowns, this is possible with the proper
    care and attentions required and specified by your X
    Dentistry specialist.

    During the time period of your crown/bridge is created,
    you will be wearing a temporal restoration and it is
    essential for you to follow your specialist’s instructions for a
    successful treatment conclusion; dental floss and a soft diet
    is recommended.


    Inlays / Onlays
    in Tijuana

    A filling and/or dental coating are a solution offered when
    the teeth damage does not require a full crown to repair it.

    A filling is a small inlay in the surface of the damaged teeth
    (cavities, chipped tooth) and a dental coating covers a
    bigger tooth area, primarily on the chewing surfaces of
    teeth and usually on molars and premolars; both
    techniques use E-max porcelain, one of the most strong
    and resistant material in the market.


    How Long Does a Dental Crown Take?

    Elaboration process for these elements of your dental treatment most
    commonly are due in two or three appointments.

    1. Free assessment

    With the help of a 3D scan and x-rays, our specialist will evaluate the actual state of your mouth and oral health and, depending on his discovery, you will be explained of which would the best treatment option fits your specific case.

    2. Temporal restoration

    Our specialist will use a set of techniques to prepare your teeth for the pieces that will be a part of your treatment; in the meantime, you will be required to use a temporary piece while your crowns or bridge is being created.

    3. Final restoration

    On this last step, our specialist will place your final dental pieces according to the material that best suits your dental necessity; after the final placement, our specialist will give you a set of instructions to follow for the following days if necessary and some dental health recommendations.


    All on 4 Dental
    Implants Cost Tijuana

    Thanks to advances in dental implant technology, you have
    a reason to smile again: full mouth dental implants. Aging
    comes with tooth loss amongst other dental-related issues;
    in America, more than 35 million people are missing their
    upper or lower teeth and rather than adapting to the
    discomfort and hassles of dentures, the solution is a full
    mouth dental implant restoration.

    Prices of All on 4 dental implants at X Dentistry vary
    depending on the materials and technologies used, as well
    as on the patient’s general teeth conditions. In any case, if
    you decide to travel to Mexico for a dental implants
    treatment, you may save up to 70% off US prices.

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      3 Bridges on 6

      Would be the to-go option if you have sufficient healthy
      bone to support this type of restoration. The procedure
      uses six implants to firmly secure three bridges and form
      an arch, replacing completely the upper and/or lower arch
      of your teeth.

      A great advantage of the 3 on 6 is that it can be used to
      replace a partial area of your mouth without having to
      remove healthy teeth. Another big important difference to
      consider if you have good portion of healthy bone is that
      the arch formed with this technique can actually help to
      preserve that healthy bone and does not occupies as much
      space as the all on four, being more like actual teeth rather
      than a denture.


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