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We are the dental professionals leading today’s market with state-of-the-art technology and techniques.
At X Dentistry, the top rated specialist clinic in Tijuana, we want to see you smile again!

Tijuana Cosmetic Dentistry

The professional method of cosmetic dentistry can have
several benefits for you, besides improving the appearance
of your teeth. Procedures and treatments like veneers,
implants, and all-on-four are considered elective rather
than essential for many people; we consider them to be
essential because of the impact a good smile and dental
health can have on your life.

We are the leading professionals in cosmetic dentistry in
Tijuana, Mexico. We will restore or replace your damaged
teeth according to your specific scenario. No more
covering your mouth when you speak or laugh, your self-
confidence along with your smile will be restored!


Want to Have a Million Dollar
Smile? Receive a Call Back


Dentist in Tijuana

Prices at this side of the border are way cheaper. On
average, you will save up to 70% on your dental
treatments, not to mention that service, technology and
facilities are up to the best clinics in the US and Canada.
Contact us without any commitment and ask for a
personalized quote, you will be surprised by how much you
could save!

Still hesitating? At X Dentistry we do not charge for 3D
X-Rays, Periapical X-Rays, intra-oral scanning, surgical
guides and models. Even travel assistance and hotel
discount are included in case you need it. Your new smile is
expecting you a short drive away in Tijuana, Mexico. Check
out our updated X Dentistry Price List!


Patients Reviews - Dental Veneers, All on 4,
Dental Implants and More

Are Dentists in Tijuana that Good? Of Course! Check out our
Patients Before and After Testimonials


Cost of Veneers
in Tijuana

If you are wondering how much veneers in Tijuana are, you’ll be glad
to know that these and many other dental treatments are at your
fingertips. Anyone looking for a more aesthetic, brighter smile should
consider veneers at X Dentistry. Unless you have malocclusion issues
and/or bruxism, veneers are a great choice to enhance the color,
shape and overall appearance of your smile at an affordable cost.

Veneers are also ideal for people who want to correct issues like
chipping, discoloration or even slightly misaligned teeth. Milled in
house using E-Max porcelain (the strongest and most aesthetic
porcelain available on the market,) we guarantee that your Veneers
will be one of a kind at affordable, unbeatable prices. Restore your
smile and self confidence while preserving your very own tooth
structure at X Dentistry!


Dental Treatments in Tijuana

Please select the Dental Treatment you are interested in, from Snap On Dentures Tijuana Mexico to Teeth Cleaning. We wrote a Patient Guide with the most relevant information: Prices, Timeframes, Procedures, Pre and Post-op, Before and After Pictures, Testimonials.


Dental Implants
Tijuana Cost

Many people can’t afford dental implants in the US
because of their excessive, disproportionate cost. At X
Dentistry Tijuana, Mexico, we want to improve your dental
health and self confidence while taking care of your
budget. Get a brand new smile on a shoestring!

Dental implants provide patients with plenty of benefits.
For example, they provide augmented eating comfort,
esthetics and speech confidence. There are many types of
Dental Implants and they vary in technologies, materials
and procedures, but at X Dentistry they all are carried out
with the latest technologies and best dentists in Tijuana at
truly affordable prices.


All on 4 Dental
Implants Tijuana Cost

All on 4 is a patented implant treatment that consists of the
placement of four angled Implants and an Implant bar/
bridge for the restoration of upper and lower teeth. With
an All on 4 treatment you will feature a full new smile at
prices that are way lower than in the US.

The actual Cost of an All on 4 Dental Implant may have
small price variations depending on the type of extractions,
bone loss, infections, medical history, and restoration
options you need. Please contact us to get a personalized
quote and enjoy X Dentistry’s world class facilities.


Dental Treatments Process in Tijuana:

Upon arriving in Tijuana, you just have to follow a few simple steps to get your dental treatments at X Dentistry. Depending on your specific scenario there may be
slight variations, osseointegration periods required or additional appointments required, but they all will be handled with the same
premium service that distinguishes us.

1. Make Your Appointment

Book an appointment for our world class dental
clinic in Tijuana and enjoy a free exploration and
diagnosis. In case you need assistance with travel
and lodging options, we will be more than glad to
help you. Send Us A Chat Message or Fill Our
Contact Form Right Away!

2. Come to X Dentistry

Once you are ready to visit the dentist, you will be
welcomed at world class facilities. One of our
professionals will evaluate your specific case and
provide you with the best suggestions for the
success of your treatments. Let us pamper you!

3. Get Your Treatment Done

Our team of experts will make sure you enjoy a
pain free experience. We use the most advanced
technologies and materials so that you can rest
assured that everything will go fine. Take your
time to explore our treatments available and
choose the one that best fits your needs and


Dentist in Tijuana
Close to the Border

X Dentistry is located on the 12th floor of a striking new
medical tower adjoining a shopping center and offering
nice city views. It is also within walking distance from the
Quartz Hotel and Spa, which by the way offers our patients
a discounted rate. The US border is just a few minutes
away, as is the city airport. We even offer free
transportation to the clinic for you to enjoy a worry free

Tijuana, one of the most burgeoning cities in Mexico, offers
plenty of attractions, restaurants and shopping options for
you to explore. So get ready for a lifetime vacation when
visiting X Dentistry Tijuana and enjoy more than a simple
dental treatment. Discover why we are chosen by hundreds
of US citizens who cross the border to save on their
implants, veneers and dentures.


Are You Ready For Your
New Smile?


Dentist In Mexico With
The Best Technologies

Some people may hesitate to travel to Mexico for dental
treatments. You may be asking yourself such questions as:
Are there good dentists across the border? Why are prices
so different than in the US? Are procedures and materials
the same quality than in my hometown?

The answers are Absolutely Yes. All of our treatments at X
Dentistry Tijuana Mexico are internationally certified and
we only use globally recognize materials, top brand name
equipment and world class procedures. Still wondering if it
is worth it to cross the border to get your implants, veneers
or braces? Keep reading to learn why we are one of the
best dental clinics in Mexico.


Guided Surgeries, Latest
Technology In Implants


It simulates the result of a future treatment. Dentists start
with a simple photo and then are able to create the perfect
smile in less than an hour.


Dynamic Navigation for Dental Implantation. This
groundbreaking, computer-aided system offers dental
surgeons accurate, easy to use technology to help them
plan restorations and implant placement.


Best Dentist in
Tijuana Mexico

If you are ready to have a million dollar smile, Tijuana is
one of the best options for you. By combining US medical
standards and technologies with Mexico’s prices and warm
attention, we are able to provide you with the best of both

A new, improved dental life awaits you right across the
border. Meet our team of experienced, professional
specialists and let us pamper you on your next trip to one
of the most burgeoning Mexican cities. At X Dentistry we
are expecting you!