3 on 6 Dental Implants
Tijuana Mexico

Are you thinking about a dental restoration to improve your appearance? Scroll down to learn more about the renewed 3 on 6 treatment, the benefits of undergoing it at X Dentistry, prices and all the relevant information you need to know.


3 on 6
Dental Implants

This Treatment is perfect for a full dental restoration if you
present some damage to your jawbone and if you are not
qualified for a All on 4 procedure. The procedure uses six
implants to firmly secure three bridges and form an arch,
replacing completely all the teeth arch.

The appearance and aesthetics of these teeth arches look
completely natural and are very comfortable at an
incredibly affordable price. If you are looking for an
alternative to a snap on denture then X Dentistry can help
you to get that beautiful smile you have been looking for!


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3 on 6 Dental Implants
Benefits in Tijuana


Different from the all on 4 that needs to be
removed every two years for maintenance, 3 on
6 only need dental floss, water regular hygiene.


Needs no artificial gums, keeping the
feeling of your natural teeth as
regularly when eating.


Provides more stability, force and
resistance and it looks and feels
as your natural teeth.


3 on 6 Dental
Implants Cost

The total cost of can be up to 70% less expensive than with your local dentist. This, even considering that you may need other procedures done (according to your specific case) to achieve a successful dental restoration.

The full cost of the treatment is around $10,800 USD
per arch and contemplates both surgery and restoration phases, split into four to six months from other. You do not have to pay the full cost in one payment as the treatment divides in two, so is your payment, contact us today to get a personalized quotation.

3 on 6 Dental Implants

Us Price Up to: $25,000 USD
$10,800 USD *Costs May Vary Depending On The
Patient's Medical Conditions.
  • Surgical Phase:
    Placement of 6 Dental Implants - $5,400 USD

  • Restorative Phase:
    3 3-Unit Zirconia Bridges - $4,500 USD
    6 Titanium Abutments - $900 USD

Am I a Candidate
for 3 on 6 Dental Implants?

To be an appropriate candidate to the 3 on 6
treatment you need to consider the following:

Have not a huge deterioration of bone, decreasing bone
density, or reduction of height/width of bone where the
implants will be placed.

Want to stop using dentures, because these are
uncomfortable, irritating and cause loss of taste.
Lost all your teeth and are seeking for an affordable
alternative to all on 4 dentures.


3 on 6 Dental Implants process:

Your treatment will be divided in two phases, making it two different trips to XDentistry Tijuana, both of
around 10 days but separated by four to six months.

1st Trip: Surgical Phase.

1. First assessment and treatment explanation

With the help of a series of non-invasive tests and an evaluation, our specialists will determine your current dental health status, as well as which treatment can be considered for you to undertake and the materials to use.

2. Surgery

It will take around 2.5 hours per arch or surgery, guided by Navident. You will be given a temporary denture to use during the following months, depending on the doctor’s instructions as you go through the surgery recovery time, known as osseointegration.

3. Post-surgery

After your surgery, our specialist will give you specific instructions to follow during your healing time back home. Rest and a bland diet is recommended the first weeks; your next visit will be scheduled according to the doctor’s assessment to complete the treatment.

2nd Trip: Restorative Phase (4 to 6 Months Later)

4. Healing Evaluation

During the past four to six months of healing, the osseointegration of your implants should be complete, our specialist will determine this and if you are fit to complete the restoration on this appointment or you need to come back the following day.

5. Mouth Restoration

This is a seamless procedure, as our specialist will prepare your gums to fix in your natural looking new teeth.

6. Rest, Test And Enjoy Your Smile!

After fixing in your denture, our specialist will check to see if you need any further adjustment and if you are comfortable to talk, smile, and bite. After this and if everything is good to go, then you can happily enjoy the rest of your holiday!


All on 4
Dental Implants

One full arch of teeth, four implants to hold them firmly.

If a patient is not adequately fit for the 3 on 6 treatment
then the appropriate alternative is an all on 4. Having this
treatment done at X Dentistry Tijuana will let you show off
an incredible smile bringing back to you your comfort,
confidence and self-esteem, and better yet, with far more
affordable prices than in the united states!


Get Your Smile Back With Us!
Implants From $900 USD


Dental Implants
in Tijuana

A dental implant is a component that is surgically placed
into a patient’s jaw to act as a root to support one or more
teeth. The type of dental implants can go from snap on
to all on four.

There are many advantages of dental implants such as,
improved appearance and speech, comfort in general and
easier eating when chewing. You will get your self-esteem
back and a better oral health all-around.


3 on 6 Frequently
Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the 3 on 6 at X Dentistry Tijuana. Get your facts clarified about do’s and don’ts before and after your surgery.

What to do/avoid before and after my surgery?

At least three weeks before your surgery, suspend any consumption of alcohol, anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant medicines and vitamin E supplements as they can cause excessive bleeding during surgery. Pineapple and multivitamins are ok to consume two weeks prior your surgery. 48 hours after the surgery you must avoid any physical efforts, heavy lifting and do not try to force your mouth to eat or speak nor should you blow your nose.

What can I eat?

Both before and after the surgery, a bland diet must be undertaken. Supplements that are rich in proteins like ensure or boost are recommended. Soups, jelly, yogurt, eggs, juice and such foods are recommended; avoid hot and greasy foods during the next 48 hours post-surgery.

Should I take any medicine?

After your surgery, it will be normal if you note a mild red tone in your saliva during three days max; you can softly bite down a gauze if it calms you down with your head laid back. If you feel any inflammation, you may apply ice directly in your cheeks for periods of 20 minutes. You can have over the counter medicine to relieve inflammation.