Snap on Denture
Tijuana Mexico

Are you thinking about a snap on denture to improve your appearance? Scroll down to learn more about this dental treatment, the benefits of undergoing it at X Dentistry, prices and all the relevant information you need to know.


Palateless Snap on

Snap on refers to the possibility of removing the denture
thanks to a pragmatic coupling joint that facilitates this to
you; a snap on denture is the perfect option for those who
prefer to give maintenance to their denture themselves and
therefore, saving a trip to the dentist every now and then.

The difference from other dental pieces to the snap on
denture we offer at X Dentistry Tijuana is that you are not
going to need any adhesive or other elements to fixate the
denture in place. Instead, you will get small implants that
will pop into your snap on denture and will keep it firmly in
place, giving you peace of mind as you carry on with your
day-to-day routine.


What Snap on Denture is the
Best for me?


Snap on Denture
Benefits in Tijuana

You will have the quality and technology of the United
States but at much more affordable prices. We work with
modern equipment and gold standard materials from
internationally renowned brands. All of our personnel can
communicate with you fluently, leaving no room for
miscommunication and providing a professional, caring

We can help you out in planning your stay in Tijuana with
affordable options that fit your requirements. Forget those
gluey elements in your mouth, the snap on denture stays in
place without hesitation.


Snap on Denture before and after

Learn more about this treatment directly from our patients.
See their before and after experience.


Kinds of Snap on Dentures in Tijuana:


Available for regular or mini implants as they have a ball
shaped abutment that pops into the denture. This Way the
Denture Will not Move.


This denture is put in place by a set of connectors with an
adjustable double retention system, offering the highest level
of linkage, great durability and a certain angles compensation.


This denture is held by a bar that goes fixated to eight
implants in your jaw, equally separated in distance; the bar
makes the denture practically immovable.


Am I a Cadidate for
Snap on Dentures?

Everybody with healthy bone in the jaw area can
have a snap on denture, as it is essential to hold properly
the implants required for this treatment. You require a first
assessment at X Dentistry by our specialists to determine
your bone and oral health in order to determine whether
you are a candidate or not.

Your day-to-day life habits can affect if you qualify for the
treatment, for example, being a smoker can lead to
gingivitis or periodontitis and place at risk any surgery. If
the jawbone does not have the proper volume, the
technique of bone graft can be the solution.


4 Implants Snap on Dentures

Treatment per Arch
$6,760 USD *Costs May Vary Depending On The
Patient's Medical Conditions.
  • Surgical Phase:
    Placement of 4 Dental Implants - $3,600 USD
    Temporary Prosthesis - $580 USD

  • Restorative Phase:
    4 Ball Abutments - $1,000 USD
    4 Housing O-Rings - $1,000 USD
    Dentures - $580 USD

Snap on Denture
Cost in Tijuana

A variable list of factors are put in play in order to
determine the full cost of a snap on denture; your current
dental health, the number of implants that will be required
and the type of denture that you will need. You will save as
much as 70% of the total cost of the treatment if you were
to get it done in the US or Canada.

Remember that studies and procedures done in your first
assessment appointment are completely free.


What are Snap on

The way a snap on denture works, is through a number of
dental implants, which may have small spherical abutments
that pop into your denture or the other way around, the
abutments are in the denture and pop into your dental

All you need to do is to put a bit of pressure into the
denture as you place it in your mouth and a click sound will
indicate that your denture is in place and you are ready to
enjoy your day, worry-free.


Dental Implants for Snap
on Dentures


Have a function more like real teeth, they are composed of a
dental post and connectors and they can even stimulate
jawbone growth. Both implants require good bone health, in
some cases, a bone graft may be required.


Are strong enough to support the bite pressure
force and are ideal for immediate or longer time needed


Any Doubt?
Let Us Call You to Help You!

Snap on Denture. Step by Step:

Your treatment will be divided into two phases, making it two different trips to XDentistry Tijuana,
both of around 10 days but separated by four to six months.

First Trip: Surgery Phase

1. First assessment and treatment explanation

With the help of a series of non-invasive tests and an evaluation, our specialists will determine your current dental health status, as well as which treatment can be considered for you to undertake.

2. Surgery

Once our specialist explains the treatment that fits you best and both agree on it, we proceed with your surgery, guided by Navident. You will be given a temporary dental implant to use during the following months, depending on the doctor’s instructions as you go through the surgery recovery time.

3. Post-surgery

Once the procedure is done, your specialist will determine and explain to you the healing period of time, also known as osseointegration.
You will receive instructions for rest and diet and schedule your next appointment to return after four to six months to complete your treatment.

Second trip: Restorative Phase

4. Healing assessment

During the past four to six months of healing, the osseointegration of your implants should be complete, our specialist will determine this and if you are fit to complete the restoration on this appointment or you need to come back the following day.

5. Restoration

This is a seamless procedure, as our specialist will prepare your gums to fix in your definitive denture according to your specific treatment.

6. Test, Rest and smile!

After fixing in your denture, our specialist will check to see if you need any further adjustment and if you are comfortable to talk, smile, and bite. After this and if everything is good to go, then you can happily enjoy the rest of your holiday!


All on 4 Dental
Implants in Tijuana

This technique uses four titanium or zirconia implants
placed inside your jawbone to replace the root part of a
missing tooth with a minimally invasive surgery. The advantage
of this treatment may not need a dental implant to every
one of your missing or damaged teeth; all what is required
are four perfectly placed implants on the upper/lower jaw
and your smile will be restored.

This is a complete and permanent denture rather than
the snap on removable option.


Pre Surgery

The most important thing to consider when thinking about a dental treatment is your current dental health, a factor that has a direct influence on whether you are fit for a specific treatment or an alternative. Here are some FAQ’s that people thinking about a dental implant have in common with you.

What to do and what to avoid before surgery?

At least 3 weeks before your surgery stop cigars and alcohol consumption as well as any type of medication and inform us about the specific medication.

Do I need to follow a specific diet?

A balanced diet is something to take into your everyday life but specifically within three weeks of your surgery and, as instructed by your doctor, the time he recommends after the surgery. Take on protein and a bland diet if possible, as it will be the same, some weeks after the procedure.

What about prescription medicines?

Pre surgery is of vital importance to communicate to your specialist about the medicines you are undertaking, preferably, you will be asked to pause usage but it is also important for us to know what medicines you were taking for several factors that may affect your surgery.

Post Surgery

After surgery, healing phase depends on you. These are some frequently asked questions from our patients about what to do and what to avoid after surgery, from oral hygiene to diet recommendations.

What to do and what to avoid after surgery?

You must rest. Avoid heavy physical activities, especially during the first 48 hours post-surgery. Try not to blow your nose or forcing your mouth at all times. For your oral hygiene, use soft bristles brushes to brush.

Recommended diet

Avoid hot food; maintain a bland diet rich in protein. Avoid any food that you might have a hard time cutting or chewing. Soups, jelly, yogurt, eggs, fish, potato mash, juice and pasta are permitted.

What about prescription medicines?

A slight bleeding is expected during the first days of your healing back home, if you feel uncomfortable with this, kindly bite down a gauze for 30 minutes and apply ice to the affected area by periods of 10 minutes. Over the counter medicine is allowed but also communicate with us before taking any type of medication, our lines are available for you always.