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Here you will find all the information you need to have your dental veneers done in Tijuana, including prices, types of veneers available at X Dentistry, and travel recommendations.


Best Veneers Dentist
in Tijuana

If you are looking for a dental clinic to get dental veneers in
Tijuana, X Dentistry is without a doubt your best choice.
Located approximately half a mile from the border, in a
highly specialized medical complex, X Dentistry offers
different kinds of veneers that can adapt to
your needs and budget.

From the 12th floor of the NewCity Medical Plaza tower,
our clinic offers relaxing city views and is adjacent to a
shopping center with a number of dining and recreational
options. In addition, a few steps away you will find a
modern hotel featuring discounted rates for our patients. X
Dentistry has the best veneer treatments and dentists in


Recieve A Call-Back From
Your New Dentist In Tijuana


How Much is a Full Set of
veneers In Mexico?

Prices of Veneer treatments at X Dentistry Tijuana vary depending on the materials and technologies used, as well as on the patient’s general teeth conditions. In any case, if you travel to Mexico for a dental veneer treatment, it will cost on average 70% less than in the United States. A new, brighter and more aesthetically appealing smile awaits you on this side of the border!

At X Dentistry Tijuana, such procedures as 3D CBCT X-Rays, periapical X-Rays and intra-oral scanning have no additional cost, unlike dentists in the United States. We can even offer you free transport from the border to our clinic if you need it!


Veneers in Tijuana Reviews

Hesitating about the quality of our treatments or the credentials of our specialists?
Watch some of our patients’ testimonials Before and After their veneers in Tijuana.


Is it Safe to Get
Veneers in Mexico?

Traveling for dental treatments From Implants to Teeth Whitening is considered essential travel. As opposed to traditional tourism, you will have no problem when crossing the border. At X Dentistry, all procedures are carried out with strict hygiene protocols and using the same materials and technologies than in the United States.

All of our specialists are highly trained and have years of experience in specific dentistry areas. Enjoy quality standards that are identical to those in the US with prices and attention that only Mexico can offer!


How Much Are Veneers In Tijuana?

Composite Veneers

US Prices Up To: $850 USD (per Tooth)
$250 USD *Costs May Vary Depending On ThePatient's Medical Conditions.


US Prices Up To: $1,000 USD (per Tooth)
$450 USD *Costs May Vary Depending On ThePatient's Medical Conditions.

Invisalign, Align Your
Teeth For Better Results

The Invisalign treatment is an innovative alternative to traditional braces. It basically consists of wearing a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually strengthen your teeth and correct their position. Invisalign requires no brackets, no wires and none of the restrictions of braces!

Custom created using 3D technologies, these dental aligners are almost invisible, fully removable, and easy to clean. You will be able to take your aligners in and out to eat what you want at any time you want!


Benefits of Dental Veneers
in Tijuana


Veneer treatments in Tijuana provide the same quality than in the United States, but with way less expensive prices.


We use materials and equipment from premium, globally renowned Brands Like: Nobel biocare and Straumann


All of our staff, from the front desk to the specialists, are fluent in English and Spanish.


If you need a place to stay in Tijuana, we will provide you with options that fit your likings and budget.


Customized Veneers
in Mexico


Every veneer has a slightly different shape, from
Mature Shape (squared) to Hollywood shapes


There are four categories: A (reddish brown), B
(reddish yellow,) C (gray) and D (reddish gray.) Each
category contains 11 shades.


How To Get my Veneers in Mexico?

At X Dentistry we want your experience to be totally pleasant and hassle free. That is why we are at your entire disposal and we will take care of you Before, During and After your dental treatments.

1. Evaluation Visit

A specialist will evaluate your dental status using X-rays, panoramic photos of your mouth, a 3D CBCT scan and other techniques to provide you with the best treatment options and suggestions.

2. Veneers Procedure

The specialist will carry out your specific dental transformation treatment, reshaping teeth and carefully bonding and sculpting the veneers material. Various state-of-the-art techniques and instruments are used to harden the veneers in place.

3. Final assessment

The last step is to assess the final condition of your teeth. The specialist will give you specific instructions that you must follow during the weeks following your treatment, as well as recommendations to take care of
your smile and keep it perfect.


Complete Evaluation
At No Extra Cost

All of our treatments include a free complete evaluation of
your dental status. At X Dentistry you will not pay anything
extra for this assessment, which will save you hundreds or
even thousands of dollars compared to dental clinics in the
United States.

You won’t pay either for 3D CBCT X-rays, periapical X-rays,
intraoral scanning and surgical guides or models if
required. Even transportation and travel assistance are
included if you wish!