Amalgam Fillings Removal

Here you will find all the information you need to understand the benefits of removing amalgam fillings or getting Composite Resin Fillings done in Tijuana, including prices, benefits from X Dentistry, and frequently asked questions.


Amalgam Removal Changed My Life

At X Dentistry in Tijuana, we prioritize a mercury-free approach, aligning with the practices of numerous modern dental clinics. Today, patients globally are increasingly informed about the benefits of removing amalgam fillings due to potential health risks associated with mercury.

While many wonder about the safety and necessity of amalgam filling removal, it’s essential to note that if your teeth are in sound condition and there’s no damage compromising your amalgam restoration, removal may not be recommended.


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    Holistic Amalgam Removal Benefits


    Mercury is a neurotoxin that can cause severe risks to your health and, it is proven that amalgams will release mercury vapor with time.


    We work under the established international protocols to secure a safe and risk-free amalgam removal.


    You get the quality as offered in the United States, at an affordable price that saves you thousands of dollars.



    This protocol began with training and certifications back in 2016. The SMART protocol has developed and established an extensive and detailed set of protective measures to remove existing dental mercury amalgam fillings.

    Reduce mercury vapors by cooling with water

    The Dental Specialist uses cool water to reduce heat. Later, bhe uses a high-speed evacuation device to captures mercury discharges. As a result, the levels of this metal in the environment is reduced.

    Drilling of amalgam

    A small diameter carbide drills the amalgam into chunks and removes it into as large pieces as possible.

    High volume suction with custom isolation tip (Clean Up brand)

    High-speed evacuation produces better capture when fitted with a Clean Up device.

    Secondary air evacuation

    The Dental Clinic will provide you with an alternative air source. You will be required not to breathe through your mouth during the treatment; so, a nasal hood with nitrous oxide analgesia equipment will ease the procedure. Air is best, and oxygen is acceptable but not required. If the only option is air only, dental Staff must ensure that it is clean and free of mercury vapor.

    Use of a rubber dam

    On this step, our dental specialist places and properly seals a non-latex nitrile dental dam in your mouth, helping to avoid saliva suction.

    Use of Non-latex gloves

    The dentist and all dental personnel in the room must use non-latex nitrile gloves.

    Immediate clean up

    After the fillings have been removed and replaced, the dentist or dental assistant will immediately remove and dispose of your protective covering and thoroughly clean your face and neck.

    Using of Charcoal

    Your mouth gets rinse with water. Afterward, your mouth gets flushed out with a slurry of charcoal, chlorella, or similar adsorbent.

    Filtering air in the operatory

    Removal mercury fillings room must have adequate filtration and a high-volume air filtration system capable of removing mercury vapor and particles that may generate during the removal of one or more mercury fillings.

    Providing Clean Air

    Using a nasal mask provides you with air or oxygen. Assuring you will not inhale any mercury during the procedure.Removal mercury fillings room must have adequate filtration and a high-volume air filtration system capable of removing mercury vapor and particles that may generate during the removal of one or more mercury fillings.

    Protect Patient Skin and Clothing

    Proper surgical clothes are utilized during the whole procedure to protect both the specialist and your integrity.


    Safe Amalgam Removal Price In Tijuana – Amalgam Removal Cost

    The cost of amalgam removal can fluctuate based on the quantity of amalgams requiring removal. Through our complimentary assessment, we’ll determine the necessary steps for your treatment. Opting for this procedure with us can lead to significant savings, with potential cost reductions of approximately 70% compared to local clinic prices.

    Amalgam Removal

    $60 USD

    Complete Treatment

    • Healthier Alternative
    • Improved Aesthetics
    • Enhanced Peace of Mind

    Dental Amalgam Removal: Step by Step

    At X Dentistry Tijuana, we carefully consider your specific case, to achieve the best result possible; here are the three steps on how your case will be handled.

    1.First assessment

    Our specialist will check upon your current dental health aided by a couple of tools such as 3D scan, X-Rays and more.

    2. Treatment

    Following the established SMART protocol, the procedure is seamless and pain-free.

    3. Results & recommendations

    After the procedure, you will be examined to verify that you are comfortable and happy with the results and to let you know some recommendations for the following couple of days.


    Composite Resin Fillings in Tijuana

    Composite Resin Fillings are utilized to address minor imperfections and fractures, primarily resulting from cavities. These fillings not only fortify your teeth but also enhance their resistance to potential damage and the pressure exerted during biting.

    Unlike the traditional amalgam dental method, the materials in our Composite Resin Fillings are biocompatible and deemed safe for the human body. Additionally, these resin fillings are versatile and can be incorporated into various aesthetic dental procedures.

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      Dental Amalgam Vs Composite Fillings

      Here are some advantages about having composite fillings:


      Dental resin is a tooth-colored restorative material used to replace a decayed portion of your tooth with aesthetic objectives.


      Dental resin has a very similar color to natural teeth. It can be used for both front and posterior teeth.


      Given the proper care and hygiene measures, dental resin can last up to 15 years.


      Composite Filling Cost

      The price of this dental treatment will vary according to the number of amalgams you need to be removed, for this, our free assessment will let us and you know the following steps that will be taken. Remember that having this procedure done with us, will save you thousands of dollars by saving around 70% of the cost compared with your local clinic.

      Small Cavity Filling

      Big Cavity Filling

      $60 USD

      Complete Treatment

      • Precise and Minimal Tooth Removal
      • Quick Application and Procedure
      • Conservative Restoration

      $120 USD

      Complete Treatment

      • Strength and Durability
      • Customizable and Aesthetic
      • Functional Restoration

      Dental Crowns In Mexico For Fillings

      Having an advanced damage in your teeth may lead to a dental crown as your best option, placing an artificial tooth over a remaining healthy area previously prepared by our specialist.

      The fillings work for small damaged areas of a tooth, while an on lay will be for a wider damaged area, both use the E-Max porcelain material, one of the strongest and functional materials available in the market for these type of treatments.


      Frequently Asked Questions about Amalgam Filling Removal

      What to expect after amalgam removal?

      Because you will be detoxing mercury, it’s common to experience symptoms such as fatigue, flu-like feelings, muscle soreness, and emotional sensitivity. Yet, with a carefully planned at-home detox regimen, these detox-related symptoms are typically kept to a minimum.

      What is the life expectancy of an amalgam restoration?

      The average lifespan of amalgam is roughly 22.5 years, as indicated by research, with certain studies noting an annual failure rate of 3%. In the past, early composite resin materials exhibited failure rates nearing 50% within a decade. However, advancements in newer products have significantly enhanced their longevity and performance.

      Why do dentists want to replace old fillings?

      Old silver fillings can deteriorate over time, leaving your teeth vulnerable to decay or tooth cracks. Each time your dentist and dental hygienist evaluate your teeth, they are checking for continued success of all of your existing dental work.

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