What to expect when you visit for first time X Dentistry Tijuana

March 7, 2024 X Dentistry Tijuana

At Xdentistry we know your smile serves as your introduction to the world, emphasizing the importance of maintaining optimal oral health. It goes beyond physical well-being, reaching into the profound impact it has on your psychosocial aspect.

Professional and Welcoming at X Dentistry Tijuana: Making Your First Visit Exceptional

Visiting X Dentistry is a full experience from the beginning of the process as you call to the end as you have post-treatment patient care calls to see if everything is OK. Choosing XDentistry for dental services gives you 360° care from our specialists. Starting with a dental coordinator to listen to your needs, your pains and your goals who will explain everything you need to do and how XDentistry will help you achieve your ultimate goal.

When you arrive in Mexico we invite you to use our travel assistance service that takes you from the border to the clinic and from the clinic to the border having first hand contact with Xdentistry all the time. When you arrive at the clinic one of our specialists will assist you explaining the treatment and the time it will take to perform it.

While your treatment is being performed XDentistry will be attentive to you for any questions or anything you need. At the end of the treatment your specialist will explain to you what to do for the next weeks or months depending on the treatment performed.

Back home you will receive a few calls from our specialized team of patient care coordinators to see if everything is going well.

Unlocking Personalized Care: Tijuana Dentistry Emphasizes Importance of Medical History

expect when you visit for first time X Dentistry Tijuana
Having your medical history will help us track your health history and provide you with better service. We will be more effective in presenting you with the best possible treatment alternatives.

X Dentistry Tijuana: Advanced Technology Enhances Oral Diagnoses and Minimally Invasive Treatments

Thanks to the use of our technology, we have a greater visualization of the patients’ oral cavity, which allows us not only to diagnose better without also performing minimally invasive dentistry, in treatments that not only have a better finish, but also better results.

Precise Diagnostic at Examinations at Tijuana Dentistry to Uncover Oral Health Insights

During the initial consultation, various diagnostic tests, may be conducted to assess the condition of teeth and supporting bone, as well as identify any potential root remnants. The first evaluation is made by the 3D CBCT scan giving the specialists a complete X-Ray view of your mouth and locate all the imperfections, bone loss, chipped teeth and more.

X Dentistry Tijuana Treatment Plan

X Dentistry, Dental services clinic, Best Rated in Tijuana
After Evaluation our specialist will explain what treatments are the best options for you to get. This alrternatives are selected thinking in 3 main points, safty and restorative results, cosmetic final results and cost effective saving for you.

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At X Dentistry Tijuana, your comfort is our top priority.

Tijuana Dental Specialists
Feel free to talk with one of our dental coordinators, we know that reading is very different from talking. We invite you to visit our complete treatment oriented webpage to learn why choosing XDentistry is the best option, see prices, reviews, testimonials and if you want have a free call with us!

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