5 Reason To Get A Good Dentist In Tijuana

February 23, 2024 X Dentistry Tijuana

Mexico has emerged as one of the main destinations for dental tourism, in Mexico Tijuana particularly has five main arguments to opt for a quality dentist in Tijuana. A significant number of U.S. citizens choose to visit Tijuana for their dental needs. This influx is often driven by personal recommendations or through discovering clinics like X Dentistry online.

The best advertising is word of mouth, creating a good reputation for X Dentistry.
It is true that the medical tourism in Tijuana has been increased from 800,000 people a year to a 1.2 million; most of them in dentistry; that’s because of the prices and quality of the medical services; do not forget that the US citizen can save up to 70% in their dental treatments.

5 Reason about why Tijuana is the best place to find out the best dentist

1. Good Location – Tijuana Could Be Your “Dentist Near Me”.

Tijuana’s strategic location on the Mexico-United States border makes it a convenient dental destination for those living in the US, especially near the border. Residents of San Diego, California, often find it easier to cross into Tijuana for endodontic treatments than to travel to other parts of the country. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for individuals to drive 7 or 8 hours from areas like San Francisco to visit their dentist in Tijuana.

2. Affordable treatments like All on 4 or Dental Implants

“A primary factor driving people to select Tijuana for dental procedures is the affordability compared to other countries, particularly the United States and Canada, where healthcare costs are typically higher. Tijuana offers more budget-friendly pricing, leading to substantial savings for patients seeking dental treatments.

All on 4 Dental Implants From $11,000 USD per arch
All on 6 Dental Implants From $12,800 USD per arch
All on 8 Dental Implants From $13,600 USD per arch
Crystal Ultra Super Structrure From $6,200 USD per structure
Prettau Zirconia Super Structure From $6,400 USD per structure
Pekkton LiSi Super Structure From $7,200 USD per structure​​​

Experience high-quality dental care at a fraction of the cost in the USA. Schedule your appointment at our Tijuana dental office now!

3. A Lot Of Smiles Said: Hola!

Dentists in Tijuana are adept at understanding and meeting the expectations and needs of international patients, particularly in the realm of endodontic treatments. This expertise instills confidence in those seeking professional and personalized dental care. X Dentistry is a testament to this, with numerous patients expressing satisfaction with their new smiles and treatments.

We take pride in the referrals we receive and highly value patient feedback.

This success highlights the growing trend of medical tourism in Tijuana. To see the impact for yourself, just take a look at these reviews:

Laura Juarez:

“Awesome work, I’m so happy with my new smile. Thanks Dr. Michelle and your team. Five stars for your attention and care.”

Bob Nelson:

“Just experienced exceptional dental care in Tijuana, a testament to the value of medical tourism there. High-quality, affordable, and a seamless blend of healthcare and travel. Highly recommend it for dental needs!”

Annie McCloud

“Love mi new smile. I’ll recommend X dentistry, the best in Tijuana. Worth every penny the trip from Oakland”

4. Strate-Of-The-Art Dental Technology

Mexico ranks among the top in Dental Technology, and Tijuana stands out for its exceptional dental care.
Contrary to what one might assume from the lower costs, the quality of dental treatment in Tijuana, especially endodontic treatments, is often outstanding. Many dentists in the city are well-educated and possess extensive experience in dentistry. X Dentistry, in particular, is at the forefront of this, being outfitted with the most advanced and cutting-edge dental technology to provide the best dental care in Tijuana.

5. Great Communication

At our clinic, specializing in dental care in Tijuana, we cater to a diverse range of patients, ensuring that everyone has access to top-quality endodontic treatments and other dental services.
To guarantee seamless communication, our entire staff is fully bilingual. This essential linguistic capability means that none of our patients will encounter language barriers or communication issues, which is particularly important in the precise field of dental care.

We take great pride in this aspect of our service, as it allows us to offer more personalized and effective care. Our bilingual team is adept at handling consultations, detailed explanations, and follow-ups in multiple languages. This ensures a comfortable and reassuring experience for everyone who seeks dental care in Tijuana at our clinic.

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